Here is a brief look at Sole Survivor’s Ink Blot Gold Medal Tee. Although sold as a package in a white and gold also a black and gold colorways here is a first look at a satisfied customer rocking his white and gold shirt outside of Succezz The Store on 13th and Michigan ave downtown Chicago. Big shouts out to Marvin over at Succezz for putting us in tune with his people that embraced this tee and if you are ever in downtown Chicago checkout Succezz one of the hottest sneaker boutiques in the land.








This past week I put my sewing machine and tailoring skills to a test by attempting my first bag project. It was also a new experience working with this type of leather. I made a all black medium duffle out of gator embossed leather and duck cloth. The pattern was pretty simple but I underestimated the rigidness of this leather and the thickness after a few folds for seams. I took a total of 3 days after a few mistakes but I got it now. For my first bag it wasn’t bad but I’m a perfectionist and will be doing it again. But, this time I got experience on my side. Check out a few picks and tell me what you think. More projects to come, stay tuned to Sole Survivor LLC.









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This Past Weekend Bargain Hunt

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For those that don’t know, I live in the Orlando, Florida area and there are a few good outlets here to find deals. There are 3 Nike Outlet stores, a Nike Clearance store, and a great Adidas outlet. At least those are the ones I rotate through when I’m on the prowl for a good deal.

At my first stop, Nike Clearance Store, I seen a few good deals but I came up on a pair of Nike Air Trainer SC (Bo Jackson’s) in the Navy/Grey/White colorway for $59.99. I also came across the Air Jordan 2011′s in the Red All-Star colorway for $69.99. Had to take the ‘Quick’ insoles out of a black/white pair box.

Rotated through the other two Nike Outlets in the area but didn’t see anything. But seen these Adidas Silver High Top Lace in the Adidas outlet and liked them because they were different. I can style these up and for $59.99, not a bad deal. Added bonus, they turned out to be $29.99 at the register. Not bad for a browse through. Don’t go to the outlets as often as I use to but might slide through more often.

Oh yeah, I had to represent for Sole Survivor LLC with the apparel.

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With the 2012 Olympics about to be in full swing and some great Olympic inspired kicks hitting the market, Sole Survivor LLC felt it was only right to draw from that inspiration. Thus you have the new installment of the ever so popular ‘Ink Blot’ tee. Last time it was the ‘Ink Blot7 Bordeaux’ tee (Buy Here), which sold like hot cakes thanks to support of The Shoe Game blog post. This time we have designed The ‘Ink Blot 6 and Ink Blot 7 Gold Medal Package.’ These tees were designed with the concept of the Rorschach test, which presents ink blots and ask you what you see. Sole Survivor LLC took this concept and placed the popular sneaker designs in the ink image and figured that if you can see the sneakers in the image then you are a Sneakerhead.

The Jordan Brand ‘Gold Medal’ pack, which features the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 7 designs in the golden colorway, will be releasing August 18th, 2012. These tees are a perfect match for those kicks. Below are the links to the purchase of the ‘Ink Blot 6 Gold Medal’, ‘Ink Blot 7 Gold Medal’ or you can buy them as a package and save. Sizes are limited and going fast, so order now!

‘Ink Blot 6 Gold Medal’:
Buy Here
‘Ink Blot 7 Gold Medal’:
Buy Here
‘Ink Blot Gold Medal Package Deal’:
Buy Here


This past Sunday, July 22nd, 2012, Dunk Xchange had their Orlando show at The B Boy Spot, It was a great success and Sole Survivor LLC was in attendance as a vendor this time around. The vibe was great. You had some of the best You Tubers (@ZayaX0172 @DamnnEricka @Just4Kicks212 and @ERaGotHeat) in the house along with @djjacktheripper killing it on the 1’s and 2’s and the sneakerhead community of Central Florida in attendance. There was major heat on everyone’s feet and some great tables with some amazing product. Hopefully I can get some more pics from the team to show you more of the event, hopefully @Just4Kicks212 can flood me with some of his great images and I can post those later. But Sole Survivor LLC’s table was busy so I couldn’t move around that much. But here are a few pics of the setup the scenery and some of the crew. I want to give a huge shout out to the Dunk Xchange crew, most importantly @jenjen143, a gem in this sneaker community. Also to the crew I get down with @ZayaX0712, @ERaGotHeat, @DamnnEricka, @Just4Kicks212, @BENNYBLANCO82, Jose (needs to get on twitter) and a huge thanks to @MOJO_FLIKMEN for manning the table with me. Got to get you a free tee next time I see you. Made a lot of connects and met a lot of good people. Enjoy this small snap shot and follow us to make sure you see the pics coming later.

Also, met a great dude with Chicago roots while stnading in line for the Olympic 7′s this weekend. Shout out to @1withFORTITUDE. Remember Bulls games at my house this season fam.

“Inspiration Comes From the Sole”